SPAWN OF POSSESSION-Discography Spawn Of Possesion [2000-2007]

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Band - Spawn of Possession
Genre - Technical Brutal Death Metal
Country - Sweden
Web -

Band Members :
Vocals - Matthew Chalk
Guitar - Jonas Bryssling
Guitar - Christian Muenzner
Bass - Erlend Caspersen
Drums - Richard Schill
Spawn of Possession - The Forbidden (Demo) (2000) Tracklist :
1.Intro (sick)
2.Dead and Grotesque
3.The Forbidden
4.Dirty Priest


Spawn Of Possession - Church Of Deviance (DEMO) (2001)( 2001)
Tracklist :
1. Inner Conflict
2. Spawn Of Possession
3. Church Of Deviance


Spawn Of Possession - Cabinet (2003) Tracklist :
2.Swarm of the Formless
3.Hidden in Flesh
4.A Presence Inexplicable
5.Dirty Priest
6.Spawn of Possession
7.Inner Conflict
9.The Forbidden
10.Church of Deviance
11.Uncle Damfee


Spawn of Possession - Noctambulant (2006) Tracklist:
1. Inception
2. Lash by Lash
3. Solemn They Wait
4. Render My Prey
5. Eve of Contempt
6. Sour Flow
7. By A Thousand Deaths Fulfilled
8. Dead & Grotesque
9. In My Own Greed
10. Scorched



TOXIC DEATH-Contamination (2005)

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Artis  - Toxic Death
Genre - Technical Death Metal, Death metal
Country -  Bosnia, Herzegovina
Web -

Brutal  Technical Death Metal from Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Band Members :
Suhi - Vocal
Nele  - Solo Guitar
Sena - Rhythm Guitar
Aco - Bass
Seo - Drums

Formed in 2000. After few demo CDs band  released debut "Contamination" in 2004/05. Lots of shows followed, lot  of festivals and gigs with some great bands such as: Vader, Vital  Remains, Sinister... + many others. Band is currently working on their  second release... 666...


TOXIC DEATH - Contamination
Tracklist :
01.Opening a window to  the past
02.Darkness of infinity
03.Death Metal infection
04.Law  of the ancients
06.Temporal vortex
07.Dark depth
08.Contamined  hate
09.Molecular collapse
10.When the day became night
12.Demons  of madness
13.Sins of mankind
14.Under the guillottine (Kreator  cover)




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Artis - Tengkorak
Genre - Grindcore/ Death Metal
Country - Indonesia
Web -

Band Members :
Ombat Nasution, SH: Throat
Samir: Guitars
Bonny: Bass
Donny Rimata: Drums

It’s been long time since the first eruption of Tengkorak (English: Skeleton, Carcass) but this band shows no sign of out of fuel. Let’s face it, 11 years of crusade in underground metal scenes, 11 album releases (EP, compilation, full & split works), countless gigs and salutation definitely ascertain Tengkorak as one of greatest and most respectful underground band nationwide.

Back in 1993 where most of us might be juveniles concocting rock/grunge/alternative stars as daydreaming, Tengkorak begun their journey persuading British grindcore Napalm Death in their vibes. Founded by M. Hariadi 'Ombat" Nasution (Growls), Danang Bhudiarto (Bass), Yoyok Radianto (Guitars), Denny Julianto (Drums), Tengkorak later released demo tape titled It's a Proud to Vomit Him under Sebelas April Records precisely when Adam Mustofa joined in Guitars line. The E.P loaded with 4 songs: Primitive Jokes, Aggression, The Grave Torment and Bencana Moral (Moral Decadence).

The demo tape acclaimed success by endless effort of promotion through underground networks, distros, zines, and linked society across U.S, Japan, Malaysia, Canada, Spain, Poland, Belarus, Holland, Mexico, Italy, and undoubtedly most Asian countries but Adam has to quit to pursue his job outside.

One of blasting kudos to Tengkorak was when Japan label, Bloodbath Records, releasing their EP titled “Dying Poor” in 7” vinyl format, raising Tengkorak reputation among the scenes rapidly as the first Indonesian underground band pressing vinyl format.

Tengkorak broke new ground when Musica, Indonesian major label, offered a project in November 1997 and attracted other bands to join and record underground compilation titled Metalik Klinik. The album sold over 60,000 copies a year after release date through Musica nationwide distribution.

Analogous to other bands, Tengkorak members reshuffled to keep the synchronization in. After new line up consists of M. Hariadi "ombat" Nasution, SH., (Growls), Danang Bhudiarto, SH. (Bass), Haryo "Yoyok" Radianto, SI-H (Guitars), Hella Tanisan (Guitar), Donni Rimata (Drums), Tengkorak back to Studio (Magenta) to record a full-length album during March-April 1999. The Indonesian chaotic situation inspired the band to titled the album “Konsentrasi Massa” (Mass accumulation where the chaos fired straightforwardly by unidentified provocateurs) with 20 songs full of razor-sharp critics to gluttonous government amongst them are: OKNUM, ASAP TEBAL, GAWEAN REGET, PRIMITIVE JOKES, KEMELUT, KONSENTRASI MASSA, SPEKULASI BISNIS, PENJILAT, PRESTASI GILA, BURUH, BISNIS EJAKULASI, CACAT POLITIK, DOSA KELUARGA, BENCANA MORAL, DISKRMNASI, CHAOS OR RIOT, AZTEC, DOGMA, PROPAGANDA, SERAKAH produced by RotorCorp and exclusively distributed by Musica nationwide and Tengkorak indie co-worker for foreign customers. As consequences of this successful record, Japan label releasing Konsentrasi Massa in April 2001.
Followed by Monster of Rock tour with Suckerhead, Edane, PAS, and Betrayer, Tengkorak worked on next LP titled “Darurat Sipil” in September 2002, followed by “Lunatic Evil” in 2003. Currently they’re working on studio for recording session.

You might not wonder why Tengkorak exposing jagged criticism about dirty politics movement as song themes as Tengkorak leader and throat, Ombat, is holding bachelor of law degree.
Considering long existance and their productivity, without a hesitation Tengkorak deserve the crown of the Father of Indonesian Grinders.

TENGKORAK - Agenda SuramTracklist :
1. Intro
2. Jihad
3. Boycott Israel
4. United States of Asu
5. Digging The Grave For Crying Mass
6. Mass Forgiveness
7. Zionist Exaggration
8. Hisbullah
9. Dajal Dunia
10. Popular Cannibal
11. Trias Politica
12. Celebrity Syndrome
13. Disgusting Agenda
14. Curse Of Corruption
15. Buruh
16. Dead by Billing
17. Busuh
18. Genital Tour
19. Konvoi Mega Mobil Pejabat
20. Patroli Buas


TENGKORAK - Konsentrasi Massa
Tracklist :
01. Oknum
02. Asap Tebal
03. Gawean Reget
04. Primitive Jokes
05. Kemelut
06. Konsentrasi Massa
07. Spekulasi Bisnis
08. Penjilat
09. Prestasi Gila
10. Buruh
11. Bisnis Ejakulasi
12. Cacat Politik
13. Dosa Keluarga
14. Bencana Moral
15. Diskriminasi
16. Chaos Or Riot...!
17. Disgusting Brind (Aztec)
18. Dogma
19. Polemik
20. Propaganda
21. Outro (Greed)
22. Konflik
23. Rusuh
24. Dying Poor
25. Organic Corruption
26. Agony


TENGKORAK - Civil Emergency
Tracklist :
1.Lunatic Leader
2.Civil Emergency
3.Evil Made the Bomb
4.Bleeding Democracy
5.Fuck Your Soul
6.Dying Poor (Re-Recording)
7.Addict Effect
8.Official Lies
9.Corrupting the Nation Arrested Development
10.Loosing Your Mind
11.Destroy Zionism
13.Politicl Scum
14.Capitalism Agenda (Outro)


TERROR-The Living Proof (DVD-RIF 2006)

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Band  - Terror
Album - The Living Proof
Year - 2006
Genre - Hardcore  / Metal
Country - Los Angeles, USA
Web -

Tracklist :

Cd 1 : Live In London January 2006
01  - Intro/Better Off Without You
02 - Push It Away
03 - The Living  Proof
04 - Spit My rage
05 - Planet Zeuss
06 - One With The  Underdogs
07 - What Have We Done
08 - Aaron Knuckles
09 - Life  And Death
10 - Not This Time
11 - Cabin Fever
12 - Survival  Comes Crashing In
13 - Keep Your Mouth Shut
14 - "Gang" Vocals
15  - Nothing To Me
16 - Out Of My face
17 - Why We Play
18 -  Overcome
19 - Lowest Of The Low
20 - This Is Hardcore Outro

[Download-Part  1]
[Download-Part  2]
[Download-Part  3]
(Download All Parts)
Size  - 230 MB


TESTICULAR SEIZURE-Sinister Gore (2009)

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Band - Testicular Seizure
Album - Sinister Gore
Year - 2009
Genre - Slam Death Metal
Country - USA
Web -

1. Intro
2. Unleash The Sin
3. Kill Them Emos Now
4. Middle Intro
5. Mortal Satan
6. Fuck Up The Pedophile



TOTAL ANAL INFECTION-Beast The Bitch (2009)

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Artist  - Total Anal Infection
Genre - Deathmetal / Grindcore
Country -  Indonesia
Web -

Band Members :
Psycho 666 ( all  fuckin Throat cum / Lead Guitar )
Mr. Sadomasocism ( Guitars / bass )
Fingerdick  ( Drums )

TOTAL ANAL  INFECTION was formed during early part of 2000 by psycho 666 ( Drums )  and Mr.Sex ( Vokills ). Their idea was to create shit as off! Straight  forward damn porno brutal death gore n roll tradition, with no political  as shit / Death distractions. By the way 2000 TxAxI had over as offer  for demo tape from the Blitar small label FETID records (  Gonorrhoea,Dirty Mind,Dirty Infamous,etc ),which resulted in the  collectible demo ep release entitled " Amateur Orgies " added only time  before this recording, Guitarist Dr. Gender and Bassist Hyperlust would  become an essential members over the next several months and gig.  Followed 2000 TxAxI were back release TxAxI / Criminal vagina Split  splatter, which released by suck label, Hyperblast area records,as same  shit,this joining has been rip off shit! TxAxI submit to labels and for  the touted really some compilation project ( See on Discografy page  ),this session collectively and contained a much more Brutal crust gore n  roll with porn theme inspired approach,experiment thus signaling a new  direction in the TxAxI freak style

During 2001 TxAxI condition  not stabilized,is not fine ok!,beside all busy the members made band is  vacuum production! Mr. Sex,Dr. Gender left part from the band, as before  Hyperlust left first out from shit formation. The remaining originally  members, Psycho 666 still existing survive for still spread an sickest  desease evil form uncompromise if compared before! Early 2004 gitarist  Mr. Sadomasocism, Bassist Violent desease and Drummer FingerDick Joined  part in this new formation, psycho 666 change Postion on Alls Vocals and  Lead Guitars. TxAxI come back with fresh new image with combinated an  elemen brutal death-Gore-Crusty-Metallic Hardcore and some Rock n roll  style with extermination positive porn lyric described, this easy  listening style for you imagine as you hearing the stuff.

TxAxI  Returned writting new material with this Fuckin formation for the final  time, recording eight new track, two Re-recorded of new arrange track  from demo " amateur orgies " and two cover version. TxAxI recorded all  in DW studio pandaan,JATIM with Doddick and herry SIC of LOST IN CHAOS  Mediazine for worked it. This session featured the sickest new image  TxAxI with lyrics in the bands native complexity right porn attack as  the slaytanic attitude. In conjunction with release of the first album  entitled " Abnormalitas Parafilia ( HUBUNGI DOKTER SEGERA! ) ".TxAxI  send some promo to several labels for really it. End of shit TxAxI deal  with Small label from Bandung-JABAR for release this shit stuff into  cassette Lp format exclusive package full colour glossy cover, this  release same time TxAxI performed at " Blitar Horregh 5 "  september,26-2004, playing as several killer Blitar underground  community band!

Unfortunely, cause some srious Problem with this  label until Fuckin End Deal! Goddamn suck him as shit!! TxAxI Out from  their fuckin management, followed that incident, Violent desease has  departure from TxAxI with some shittin reason.

Several  replacements were tested but nothing worked, leaving torsoFuck ( bass )  to coming in this position. As shit new formation here is : Psycho 666 (  alls Vocals / Lead Guitars ),Mr.sadomasocism ( Lead Guitars ),  TorsoFuck ( Bass ) and FingerDick ( Drums ).

Now TxAxI Still  Consist for writting any new material which more killer compared before!  Were ready to records again for future time!

" Abnormalitas  Parafilia ( HUBUNGI DOKTER SEGERA! ) " is an Immediate necro porn gore n  roll 666!! TxAxI still exist deliver crushing all METAL POSER GAY!!!  With shout a catchy fast choruses, blistering blast beat, ravenously  brutal death & Crusty riff and a hint of heavy sound as shit!  Extremely Competent production accentuates the power of the band  Musickal activism. Porn wet horny concern and parafilia frustation form  the basic of the bands lyrical attack. Wallops the listener with a  lightening speed an catchy blitzkrieg horny of attitude violence harder  and more varied than anything the band has ever created.

Emerging  from the " Hole " like a wet dildo of mental terror, this TxAxI  wrecking an unit annihilate all pretenders and expose the old and tired  as were understudies. The band has infused a whiplash - Inducing Groove  into the style, producing absolutely relentless songs that detonate with  enourmous high energy with blasted in bitch hole! The analytical and  the sarcasm delivered with a frightening conviction. TxAxI ensure that  their bark is equally as venomous as their bite, destroying anyone and  anything in their path asshole.

Unfortunelly at December 2007,  Fuck toy find new busy activity with his personal living about new  family, Fuck toy can't more time for The Band again, and for some gigz  we use add bass from guys from Friend bandmathe Imporal for the next  Gigz .......


Total Anal  Infection - Beast The Bitch [2009] Tracklist:
1. On Her Hole Im  Feeling
2. Nothing Tastes Better Than A Menstrual Periode
3. Stop  Lets Girl Suck You Fucking Dry
4. Amateur Orgies
5. Clitorial  Liquid
6. To Feel The Love Of Some Fuckin Bitch Whore
7. Dick  Starts To Quiver As It Grows And Blows
8. Threesome On My Insanity
9.  Abnormalitas Parafilia
10. Viva Vagina
11. Masturbasi Maniak
12.  Pemburu Vagina Nomor Satu
13. Pemburu Vagina Nomor Satu (Live)
14.  Thresome On My Insanity (Re-Mixing)
15. Facial Humiliation (Live)
16.  Beast The Bitch (Instrument)



TORSOFUCK-Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy (2004)

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Band - Torsofuck
Album - Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy
Year - 2004
Genre - Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Country - Finland (Harjavalta (early), Espoo (now))
Web -

Current line-up :
Mikko Friberg - Vocals, Guitar, Bass (Eruption (Fin))
Tuomas Karppinen - Bass (Archgoat, Funeral Feast (Fin), Panzerkvlt, Torn (Fin), Torture Killer, Demigod (Fin), Cadaveric Incubator)
Antti Oinonen - Guitar (Cadaveric Incubator, Excrement (Fin), Slugathor, Deep Red (Fin), Anal Nosorog)
Tuomo Latvala - Drums (AN, Demigod (Fin), Hellbox, Torn (Fin), Torture Killer, Hateform)

A Finnish brutal death grind formation Torsofuck came into being in 1995 and had been active for four years, during which recorded the High Level Cannibalistic Violence demotape, before split-up. Two years after, somewhen around 2001, they reunited for recording a split CD with Lymphatic Phlegm and then let up again. However, some time later they were offered by ‘Goregiastic Records’ a contract to sign, and eventually it turned out to a first full-length, the 2004’s Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy album.


Torsofuck - Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy (2004) Tracklist:
1. Mutilated For Sexual Purposes
2. Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy
3. Fistfucking Her Decomposed Cadaver
4. Worm Infested Anal
5. Raped By Elephants
6. Pussy Mutilation
7. Snuffed Freak
8. Four Legged Whore
9. Cannibal